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Blackabord is the world's leading and one of the most widely used LMS systems. The integration of our anti-plagiarism system with Blackboard allows you to check all types of documents for plagiarism, including PhD thesis, diploma thesis, essays and assignments. Integration is implemented through LTI 1.3. 

How to integrate your Blackboard and

Register your LTI here,

Once LTI is registered, we receive notification and approve it,

We create for you a corporate client account and API key in and initiate integration!

Advantages of StrikePlagiarism LTI 1.3

StrikePlagiarism is integrated with Blackboard via LTI that helps seamlessly use our system to check documents for plagiarism. What is important that verification takes only a few minutes and allows to check against large student and scientific database which is not available at native SafeAssign. 

Admin has additional settings to allow users checking documents for translations.

The teacher can create assignment and enroll students or a group of students for an Assignment. Students can upload documents or even add a google document.

Student can see the status of grading and status of reviewing which makes communication between the teacher and student more effective.

Register LTI

To create access you need to register your LTI in our LTI panel which will automatically inform us about your request. We will create trial account and get back to you.


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