Domestic Search Module

The Domestic Search Module is an invention of programmers or The module was created based on the expectations and request of EU universities, which would like to keep all documents on their server with the ability to search for similarities inside the server of the university. The Domestic Search Module allowed to check all documents upload to at the servers of the universities and display metadata at the Similarity Report if any similarities were found. 

Advantages of Domestic Search Module 

Data protection, safety of documents

The module allows you to provide better document and personal data security, thus, the documents will be stored not on our server, but on the client's server.

Simple installation

The installation of the module is carried out within 2-3 days and does not require special software. However, it should be remembered that to ensure the high quality of the work, the server needs stable access to the Internet.

Higher autonomy

Independence in choosing an anti-plagiarism system. If you store all verified documents on a server, you are not dependent on an anti-plagiarism system. Your academic process is more autonomous and protected.

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