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February 2024 starts cooperation with Itslearning

Our company is expanding its integration capabilities. We are pleased to announce that Itslearning has completed its integration with From now on, Itslearning clients can take advantage of the ability to check works for plagiarism within the LMS. itslearning is a part of Sanoma Group. Itslearning offers a broad range of functionality and is used by thousands of clients in the EU, North America and other regions of the world. 

March 2024

Simplifying the commenting process in an Interactive Similarity Report of

To simplify the process of commenting and feedback to students, we have implemented a comment tag mechanism. This mechanism allows the instructor to add ready-made comment tags to the similarity report. Comment tags significantly save time. This functionality is available both on the panel and through the LMS. Comment tags functionality has been automatically enabled for all clients. Teachers using the similarity report can find it in the “comment tags” section. Comment tags are semi-transparent, so when you add them to a similarity report, you can see the text behind them. This approach made it convenient to add comments to any part of the text.

March 2024

Universities in Chile and Colombia actively use anti-plagiarism service and AI generated content detection is expanding its activities in Chile, Colombia and other LatAM countries. More and more universities trust our system and purchase not only plagiarism service, but also AI content detection. Universities are trying to find technical solutions to tackle the misuse of AI tools such as ChatGPT, Bard and so on. Our company offers universities in LatAM countries not only a technical solution, but also procedures preventing misuse of AI tools based on best practices already implemented by EU universities. We consult universities on how to properly analyze student works, what to pay attention to, and how to correctly evaluate works that contain fragments generated by AI. The AI content detection module shall be used as a supportive mechanism for assisting students to make the work better but not for disciplinary purposes.

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