OJS and StrikePlagiarism.com

OJS (Open Journal System) is an LMS platform became popular among publishing houses and academic institutions. OJS simplifies the process of reviewing publications and scientific journals, making their review convenient for authors, reviewers and editors.

We decided to develop a plugin that allowed us to integrate with OJS in such a way that peer-reviewed work can be checked for plagiarism inside user account in OJS.

Thus, the publication can be checked for plagiarism by the author on his account before sending it to the reviewer, which reduces the risks associated with errors in the work.

To start using StrikePlagiarism.com plugin to integrate with OJS 

To get integrated your OJS and StrikePlagiarism.com you need to follow a few simple steps:


Contact us to get API key, which will be sent to your email address


If connection is successful start using StrikePlagiarism.com


Provide us with OJS version to obtain plugin


If connection is not successful, contact us to get assistance


Install plugin and add API key then test connection

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