Revisely is a great feedback tool both for K-12 and HEIs

Revisely offers a web-based productivity tool that teachers use to grade students’ work. It supports teachers during the entire process of setting, correcting, marking, grading and giving feedback on assignments.

The integration between Revisely and is seamless and based on API communication. The Similarity Report is available at the user accounts of the Revisely.

Advantages of using Revisely in academic proccess:


Revisely helps teachers to save 20% of time on correction tasks 


Teachers use our tool to easily add observations and feedback to the students’ documents, using Revisely’s built-in comment sets or writing their own re-usable comments 


Documents can be about any subject and have any form, such as essays, papers and letters 


The peer grading option allows students to give feedback on each other’s documents 


Optional built-in plagiarism-checker


Revisely’s correction tool works online in the web browser, no installation required, and can be used on desktops, laptops, tablets and iPads 

Creating digital assignments and correcting texts for each subject at both secondary schools and universities!

1. Creating an assignment - The teacher creates an assignment. In addition to the assignment description, she/he may indicate the criteria on which the assignment will be evaluated and their weighting in the final grade. The teacher then sends the assignment to the students via Revisely.

2. Students submit text - The students are notified that they have a new assignment ready. They receive a link via e-mail that leads to their personal Revisely account and submit their text there. 

3. Teacher provides extensive feedback easily - The texts then become visible on the teacher dashboard. The teacher provides the text with feedback. While correcting the texts, it is possible to make use of the extensive feedback database within Revisely.

4. Corrected text back to the student - The teacher sends the checked version of the text back to the students, who can view their corrected assignment and the feedback via a link. Revisely also shows the theory behind an error that was made via a pop-up.

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